Primary focus of  YoManE

Technology that enables funds to flow securely from one point to another.

Money flow is either through a closed or open loop system

  • Open loop = money paid anywhere for anything by any means
  • Closed loop = money is used for purpose at participating merchants

The YoWay focus right now is the closed loop, to control the flow of funds for purpose.

 YoManE can be used widely: for individual or incremental housing construction; managing the responsible usage of benefits and grants and the risk of micro enterprise loans; for education and in schools; for funding farming and agricultural enterprise; for health benefits, remittances and banking the un- and under- banked.

In short this program enables lenders and grantors in any field to manage their mandates responsibly.

The YoWay is the  YoManE switch that can offer almost anything in the closed loop payment space.

The process flow