YoManE was established by Ngena Foundation to ensure that its funds are used purpose specifically.

 YoManE is making the platform available to other organisations and entities that need to know that their funds are being spent as intended.

Ngena, which means 'access' has facilitated and participated in programmes ranging from housing to HIV treatment, with agriculture, microenterprise and community-based programmes on the way.

 YoManE is Ngena's mechanism for managing its risk, using card and mobile technology application to facilitate a secure end-to-end payment solution.

Ngena, (in-geh-na) both a Zulu and Xhosa word for "access", facilitates access to life changing services. These include HIV treatment; housing finance; micro enterprise to enable small businesses to develop and grow; the development and provision of affordable housing stock; construction finance and bringing banking-like services to people in under-resourced communities, where finance for such endeavours is not ordinarily available through the commercial market.

Ngena uses banking systems, insurance programmes and business practice to enhance the existing, create the necessary, and financially support the eligible.

 YoManE, is part of the Ngena Foundation's access to finance programme, providing an efficient and effective risk management tool.

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